chalk, blackboard, art, oil pastel

Hello! I am Naoko from NYJ Art Design.


I'm a blackboard artist as well as a web designer.

I love making something HANDMADE, so I view myself as a craftsperson♬


Drawing using my fingers on wooden black board with oil pastels is chalk art. Even the black boards are handmade by myself. To deliver the warmth of hand drawing, I've learned the art and technique of my craft in Australia, which is said to be its origin. I have started working in Australia as a blackboard artist. Mainly, I use oil pastels however I am starting to use a variety of materials, tools and techniques to extend the capability of blackboard art and offer different styles of art.   

NYJ Art Design


Studying web design was originally due to wanting to make a website for my own artworks.  In fact, I have obtained a Master degree in relation to IT from a university in Australia. However, IT is a fast-evolving field, as everyone knows, so the system I learned at university looks out of date. Hence, I have started learning a modern advanced system; the Content Management System (CMS) of WIX based on theory and knowledge that I learned at university. WIX enables me to design a range of websites, from professional corporate websites to fashionable portfolio websites, at affordable prices. I also enjoy creating things online.

【​Thoughts for works

For both services, I would like to help you to express your feelings and ideas through my art.

Of course, everyone has a variety of ideas and requirements, so the ways of expressing them through art will be different. For instance, some people might want to show their feelings of thankfulness and celebration using portrait arts; others want to extend their business sales by using a shop sign at a restaurant or cafe; and, some wish to build a website to increase sales. The list is endless. I will value those thoughts and ideas and support them with art visually. I am always glad to see a recipient's big smile and appreciate your delightful comments after all the hard work.

I am responsible for the production of both services - website and blackboard design - so time scheduling for completion of all works will be based on current demands. Nonetheless, I will consider your requirements with care and make appropriate arrangements to achieve the best outcome for you.