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Websites that look stunning

are now also affordable

Apply to Smartphones
to increase customers

Essential access to today's online viewers by using a mobile version of your website

Easy Website Updates

Update and edit your website easily in your own time

Outline of Websites


- Take advantage of modern technology: the Content Management System (CMS) by WIX

- No maintenance fee if you use the free plan

- Possible to obtain your original domain (necessary to apply for a WIX paid plan)

​- Set up the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), essential for extending your business online


*All prices are Australian dollers (AUD). If you want to pay with Japanese yen, please see the Japanese page.


​◆ Template Plan    $498~

Make a special website for you at a reasonable cost.

Select your favorite template from an abundance of WIX templates, then organise your pictures and text in it.


​・Apply Smartphone version

・​Set up the basic SEO

・Number of pages: 4 pages (1 Home page + 3 Sub-pages) / 1 page is within 1800 pixels

​◆ Customise Plan   $998~ 

Make a one-of-a-kind website with your own requirements that cannot be expressed by using a template.

Great plan with customised design, and more pages.

・Apply Smartphone version

・​Set up the basic SEO

・Number of pages: 5 pages (1 Home page + 4 Sub-pages) / 1 page is within 1800 pixels

​◆ Options

・Additional sub-page:$80~/page



・Picture modification:$50~/picture

・External domain (transfer, connection):$100~ 

・Express production:20%~40% of the plan price (subject to time/order suitability)   

・Maintenance service including updating pictures and texts is also available.

Please feel free to ask for further requests if not listed above.​

◆ Other Information

・Your preparations:pictures, texts, logo

・Delivery timeframe:approximately 2 - 4 weeks after receiving your items

・Additional cost(s): additional costs based on content volume, built-in systems and workload may be applied.

Free quote is available based on your requirements, so please feel free to enquire.​



Send an inquiry using the 'Contact form'.

​Please include as much information as you can on your requirements. 


Meet to confirm design and discuss your requirements. Quotes will be sent after the meeting. 

​*Meetings may be held in person or online via Zoom.

Materials & Deposit

Send materials (pictures, text and company logo) and receive an invoice for the deposit of $100(AUD).


After confirmation of materials and payment, production of work will commence. 


Check the provisional website. 

Based on your requests, ​modifications will be applied.

Ownership transfer

Transfer the ownership to you. 

​*Please make your WIX account before transferring. 

Learn how to update

Learn the basic and required operations in the system via an online meeting, then receive the recording. 

Connect with your original domain; and, obtaining a new email address is also available. 

Final payment

Receive the final invoice for final payment of the remaining amount.